Nuvo-Group announces new wearable pregnancy monitoring products -- MEDICA Trade Fair


Nuvo Group

Nuvo-Group announces new wearable pregnancy monitoring products

Nuvo-Group™ announced two new pregnancy monitoring platforms at the Wearable Technology Show in London – Sensa™ targeted at consumers and the medical-grade PregSense™ for professional use.

Sensa™ is the most reliable yet simple and comfortable way for pregnant mothers to hear and track the sound of her developing baby’s heartbeat. Sensa™ enables the listening and recording of both the developing fetus and mother’s heartbeats without the need to manually search for a signal as is the case with traditional Doppler devices.

The heartbeat patterns of both the mother and fetus are analyzed in real-time using sophisticated, patented cloud based algorithms that filter, clean and separate the raw data into clear heartbeat signals of both the mother and child. Sensa™ is connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to a proprietary smartphone application that enables the listening, displaying, tracking, recording and storing of the mother and fetus’ heartbeats. Sensa™ is a perfect way to capture and share the sounds of the developing baby with family and friends.

PregSense™ is the world’s most advanced multi-modal wearable platform for the continuous and accurate monitoring of vital pregnancy data. PregSense™ uses additional sets of sophisticated passive sensors to accurately collect and analyze a wealth of important pregnancy health data points simultaneously from the mother and the fetus, safely, remotely and in real-time. The novel tools and services designed for PregSense™ enable the early detection and diagnostics of symptoms that may cause complications during pregnancy to promote early and optimal treatment, thereby reducing health care costs while improving the quality of life for pregnant women and their families.

PregSense™ leverages the power and convenience of a smartphone-based application platform that provides a wide range of pregnancy data to women, doctors and researchers - anywhere and anytime. Pregnant women can easily view and record their vital pregnancy data providing peace-of- mind. Professionals will be presented with an even greater level of detail that will provide additional insights as well as the ability to design personalized treatment programs at all stages of pregnancy.

“We are very excited to be developing the Sensa™ and PregSense™ platforms. These products can give expectant mothers peace-of-mind while at the same time providing doctors and researchers with the tools that can fundamentally change how pregnancy healthcare is being managed,” said Oren Oz, Founder & CEO at Nuvo Group.

Sensa™ is scheduled to be launched by the first quarter of 2016; PregSense is scheduled for a 2017 release.

Founded in 2007, Nuvo-Group™ is committed to developing products and services that utilize cutting-edge technologies to create a real and lasting difference in the world of pregnancy health and wellness.