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Nurse wireless call system

trasmitter and receiver device

"Alech01" is the new professional Made in Italy wireless call system dedicated to health facilities type houses of care homes for the elderly etc. and produced by Alech Ltd. in collaboration with CS Elettronica Company.

The system "Alech 01" consists of a series of call-button which, when activated can send the signal to one or more of different receivers types, fixed or portable (wrist receiver, wall display, management software, etc.).

The receivers can show alphanumeric information, eg, room number, department name or number only room etc.

Installation is immediate and not need building works. The call-button transmission operate with a big lithium battery and can work about 30,000 cycles. Then we could estimate a duration of about five years or more.

Starting from a base system you can then extend the same to your liking. They are available in addition to the standard one way call keyboard also a 3 way call keyboard about to call three different operators.

Are also available some special device for bathroom signal lights outside, management software etc.

Can be implementing “On Air” system about to view the calls directly to: Tablet, Smat phone, smart watch, portable PCs, by wi-fi network or WEB.