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Connectia Solutions Factory S.L.

Nurse Call System VoIP SIP

Connectia Solutions Factory is a Spanish company dedicated to the design and fabrication of IP nurse call systems and buildings and infraestructure control systems.
Connectia Solutions Factory has developed a nurse call system with hands free communication based on VoIP SIP protocol.
Situated in a room or wherever intercommunication is desired, a CallNet EasyCare VoIP can be installed which connected to the buildings LAN, allows hands free intercommunication with a control desk.
The CallNet EasyCare VoIP has a similar appearance to a conventional VoIP SIP telephone and even uses the existing internal phone network, however it has unique properties, which make it specially suitable when used for an assistance request system.
Thanks to the hands free function; automatic answer and hang up, it is possible to establish communication with the room without the patient having to take any action.
The intercommunication device contains a red light button that allows staff to signal and to know the status of assistance. A continuous light is “alarm present”, a blinking light is “presence” and when the light is off it is “alarm cancelled or finalized. The light is synchronized with the door indicator light, therefore it is possible to know the status of the event without the need to enter the room.
The system permits the integration of any VoIP SIP telephone regardless of make or model. Included is a “voice attendant” service, which is controlled via the telephone keypads.
This system provides event registry and statistical reports tool for the quality control of the assistance and alarm traceability. In addition, the system allows wireless and e-mail messaging all within one platform. EasyCare VoIP has a visualization tool for cameras IP in real time.
EasyCare VoIP is a system based on a standar protocols, VoIP SIP and TCP/IP. The system installation is very simple as only the following is needed: one UTP cable category 5 or superior, four single pair cables for the bathroom pull cord and the hall light indicator and a 24 Vdc power supply (or the use of POE instead of conventional power if only powering the call cord).
The CallNet EasyCare VoIP is installed by fastening a metal plate to the wall surface. All modules are connected directly to the system using a one/two pairs cable attachment (for a pull cord and a hall light indicator for example). The “pear” handset with call button from the Connectia Solutions Factory are connected directly to the Callnet EasyCare VoIP via USB, up to two per device.