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Nuraleve, Inc.

Nuraleve to feature innovative neuromodulation for chronic pain and substance cravings at its MEDICA debut

Nuraleve SmartStim M1000

OTTAWA, (Oct  22, 2015) – Nuraleve Inc. will make its first appearance at MEDICA, the world’s largest annual medical trade fair, November 16-19 in Düsseldorf, Germany where it will introduce its Painrelief (TM) and Craverelief(TM) programs as well as Nuraleve’s neurostimulator device, a Health Canada-licensed and CE-certified system, approved for chronic pain treatment and other indications including cravings. Nuraleve offers the system as a turn-key tool complete with a suite of services.

As such, the Nuraleve products address the gaps in the chronic pain and cravings markets. Few therapeutic devices are available to healthcare providers to treat these conditions and even fewer that use safe but highly effective brain modulation that has minimal side effects.

“Our products are approved clinical commercializations of something called ‘transcranial direct current stimulation’ or tDCS for short,” explains Mathieu Lemay, Nuraleve’s director of operations. “And it’s not as intimidating as it might sound. Best way to think of it is this: you apply the electrodes (carrying low-level current from two AA batteries) to specific locations on the head, so it’s non-invasive, but it is focused on specific brain areas below the scalp. They’ve been studying tDCS for over two decades now so we know for sure that it can safely modulate the brain for therapeutic effects.”

Operationally, Nuraleve provides its clients with all the hardware and accessories a clinic or other provider needs. The company trains users in the science of neuromodulation sufficiently to know how to use the system. To keep track and help users promote their new service, Nuraleve also provides documentation, billing information, and marketing materials. Once installed, the company gives trouble-shooting support and will continue to provide supplies to keep the operation running.

Financially, there is no cost up front to adopt Nuraleve programs or devices. Rather, the company charges per treatment and the proceeds are split between Nuraleve and the provider.

“What the provider can do by using Nuraleve’s versatile neuromodulation technology, is to focus on and quiet down overactive areas of the brain and thus reduce or eliminate a patients’ pain. Or conversely, the clinician can focus on areas made dormant by a patient’s addiction and stimulate them back to life, so patients are no longer trapped in their cravings by their own brains,” says Daniel Shapiro, co-founder of Nuraleve. “So, we will be at MEDICA this year on the cusp of making Nuraleve’s chronic pain and cravings cessation therapy – available to the rest of the world.”

About Nuraleve
Nuraleve was founded in 2010 by addiction medicine physicians with the purpose of finding a way to address the key challenges in addiction. Since then, the Company expanded into chronic pain treatment. Nuraleve offers a complete suite of services to clinics in Europe and Canada. Nuraleve is currently offering a chronic pain management program and a smoking cravings reduction program.

To learn more about Nuraleve, please visit us during MEDICA 2015 at the Ontario/Canada Pavilion, Hall 16, Booth G42.

You can also locate us in “Companies & Products" on the portal. As well, we encourage you to visit our website.For further information, please contact:

Stanley Shapiro
1-2280 Carling Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, K2B 7G1
T: 613 454 1228 ext. 111 or 1 (888) 792-7922 ext. 111