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Nucleodur Hilic - The Alternative HPLC Phase for Clinical Analysis

Analysts of clinical diagnostics and toxicology are always looking for new and effective strategies to accomplish the tasks of modern analytics. Especially for polar compounds naturally produced in the body and for polar active components reversed phase HPLC is often limited. Here, hydrophilic stationary phases provide an additional tool for the separation of polar analytes in HPLC.
With NUCLEODUR® HILIC MACHEREY-NAGEL launches a new hydrophilic stationary phase. The expression HILIC (Hydrophilic Interaction LIquid Chromatography) was firstly published by Andrew Alpert in 1990 and combines the characteristics of the 3 major methods in liquid chromatography – reversed phase (RPC), normal phase (NPC) and ion chromatography (IC).

NUCLEODUR® HILIC is a special zwitterionic modified stationary phase based on ultra spherical NUCLEODUR® silica particles. With its outstanding features this phase is ideal for a reproducible and stable chromatography of highly polar analytes, such as e.g. catecholamines, creatine, histamine, amino acids, peptides, nucleosides, oligonucleotides and vitamins. Application notes with UV and LC-MS detection can be downloaded free of charge from MN application database on