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Nucleic acid purification via glass fiber process optimization

Porex Glass Fiber

Boom chemistry, a solid phase extraction technology, has long been exploited as a common nucleic acid purification platform. Glass fiber matrices are frequently utilized as a binding structure for nucleic acid capture and purification. Disparity between glass fiber matrices of current manufacturers can result in varying levels of nucleic acid sample recovery. A study comparing performance of capture and purification and elution of nucleic acids from a spiked model sample was undertaken utilizing glass fiber matrices from various manufacturers. Results indicate significant improvement of Porex glass fiber over commonly utilized glass fiber matrices with 91.2% recovery of 20ug of gDNA versus 74.7% and 77% by the other manufacturers.

Recovery also improved using a plasmid DNA sample from 91.6% and 94% to 97.8% with Porex glass fiber. The results obtained by this study indicate significant differences in the performance of glass fiber membranes with similar properties.

Test results available on request.