Dometic S.a.r.l.

Novelty of Size at Ultra Low Temperatures - UF 756

Long-term preservation of blood plasma and samples or even the preservation of virus, antibodies, bones, organs and vaccines at extremely low temperatures capable of reaching – 82°C at 32°C ambient temperature.

• 20% extra capacity compared with the old model UF 606
• Better performances thanks to the evaporator (Rolbond) in stainless steel
• Quieter compressor

The new ultra low temperature freezer UF 756 from Dometic is looked on as the giant in the range –82°C… The giant with its large capacity of up to 750 litres... Giant with its insulation features: its vacuum insulation panels enable, in equal dimensions, a 20% increase in capacity compared with the old model UF 606. Of course by keeping the same high level of insulation quality and the same budget… the UF 756 freezer remains the giant and is unrivalled on the market owing to its unique evaporation technology: its evaporator (Rolbond) in stainless steel is integrated into the internal wall of the cabinet, which improves its qualities of cold production…

The UF 756 pioneers a new range, since its little brother the UF 456 will be announced very soon.