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Norwegian Product to Keep European Women Tight

Stress incontinence is a common problem for women worldwide and it is because of weak muscles in the pelvic floor. There are many ways to train the muscles and pelvic floor contractions are the most common, but often this is not enough and it takes too long. The Norwegian company VibraSense therefore introduces Alva – a product that combines vibration with traditional pelvic floor contractions. Alva allows women to effectively reduce incontinence with only 5 minutes workout a day. The product will be internationally launched at MEDICA, the world biggest medical fair trade in Düsseldorf 18.-21. November 2009.

They do their pelvic floor exercises over and over again, but it doesn’t seem to help. Many women know that it is not always easy to keep “tight!”, they experiences leakages when the body is charged a little extra, heavy lifting, jumping, running, sneezing, coughing, laughing…all normal activities in women’s life. In technical terms it is called stress incontinence. In Norway about 30 % of all women over 20 years suffer from incontinence. The risk increase with number of child births, higher age and higher BMI. Due to increasing age and weight in the population worldwide – the stress incontinence problem is also growing.

Stress incontinence can be treated by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. Traditionally, pelvic floor contractions are recommended, and most women who have children have spent much time on "contractions". There is also a number of training aids available to help women with pelvic floor exercises, but the results are variable.

The engineer Ole Jakob Olsen had for many years worked with vibration in training and measured the effect on top athletes and in rehabilitation, and had found that the combination of strength training and vibration strengthened the muscles effectively. He met the doctor and physiotherapist Gunnar Leivseth and together they got the idea that this method may also be used to strengthen the pelvic floor. In co-operation with product designers in IDM AS and with support from Innovation Norway, Alva was developed – the only training tool that combines traditional pelvic floor exercises with vibration.

Alva is an effective way to bladder control, it provides faster progression in muscle strength and is easy and comfortable to use. 5 minutes workout a day is enough if you have moderate stress incontinence problems.

Vibration in training has proven to be effective because the vibration increases the activity in the neuromuscular system. Vibration triggers a stretch reflex in the muscle causing the muscles to automatically contract. The contraction seen is more powerful than with normal muscle contractions. The vibration stimulates the neuromuscular system to recruit muscle fibers to greater activity. Surveys show that 95-100% of muscle fibers are recruited, compared to only 40-80% in traditional strength training. Increased muscle effect through increased recruitment of muscle fibers leads to a more efficient exercise. Therefore, resistance training in combination with vibration is carried out in substantially less time than normal.

VibraSense is a company that develops and provides products to effectively strengthen pelvic floor muscles by inducing vibration in combination with traditional pelvic floor strength training.

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