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Surgitech Norway AS

Norwegian Innovation Leads to Better Tools for European Surgeons

The Norwegian company Surgitech Norway AS has developed a new instrument for minimally invasive surgery, that … more efficient surgery. The surgical instruments have a unique ergonomic design that is comfortable in use and promotes efficient muscle action. The instruments thereby reduce fatigue and discomfort for the surgeon. This innovation is being launched at MEDICA World Forum for Medicine, International Trade Fair and Congress for Medicine in Düsseldorf, Germany November 18-21 2009.

Every year, more than 7 million laparoscopic procedures are performed throughout the world. This surgery method is performed through small holes in the body surface (1-2 cm diameter) instead of larger openings in the body. Minimally invasive surgery is less traumatic, less painful, and the patients recover more quickly. For the surgeons, on the other hand, minimally invasive surgery is demanding as the procedures last longer, they have high precision demands and the hand- and arm muscles are put through great strain. A lot of surgeons have tendinitis and damaged nerves in their thumbs, so-called “laparoscopic thumb”.

Surgeon Ronald Mårvik at the National Centre for Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery (NSALK) at St. Olavs Hospital in Trondheim, Norway, and engineer Terje S. Pedersen had an idea to develop an instrument that would make better working conditions for the surgeons. Together with designers in IDM AS and with financial support from the Norwegian government, they developed VOLARGRIPTM, highly functional and user-friendly disposable instrument for laparoscopic surgery. The handle fits well in hand, and is very comfortable in use. When using VOLARGRIP™ you avoid deviation of the wrist, and more efficient muscle action is promoted. The handle is also size-adjustable, and fits equally well for smaller and bigger hands as well as for left- and right handed. This leads to greater precision for the surgeons, and less strain for their muscles.

VOLARGRIP™ has been through extensive testing by the Experimental OR and Ergonomics at the University Hospital of Tübingen, Germany. The test compared VOLARGRIP™ with leading suppliers of disposable instruments for minimally invasive surgery, and the results show that VOLARGRIP™ has outstanding ergonomic qualities. The test results are presented in the article “Ergonomics of disposable handles for minimally invasive surgery”, which has been accepted for publication in the renowned medical periodical “Surgical Endoscopy”.

VOLARGRIPTM will be launched at the international fair trade and medical congress MEDICA in Düsseldorf, Germany November 18-21 2009.

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