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Arc Devices Ltd

Non touch thermometers from ARC Devices offer a safe, hands-off approach for infection control

Without a non touch thermometer, the everyday act of taking a temperature places healthcare workers and patients at greater risk of cross-infection.

Whether you’re in an African village fighting Ebola or working in a hospital department, reducing the need for contact between patients and practitioners is a key weapon against the spread of infections. ARC Devices is playing an important role in infection control with its range of non touch infrared thermometers, which eliminate the need for direct patient contact and also the disposal of the costly thermometer probe covers that can cause unnecessary cross-infection.

Headquartered in Ireland, ARC Devices is driving the technology forward and shaping the future of temperature monitoring with highly accurate, digital non touch thermometers, designed for use in hospitals and clinics.

Boasting twice the accuracy of other thermometers, each product has been designed to be ascetically pleasing and designed with non touch sensor technology so they are non-invasive. This means that an accurate temperature reading can be taken from patients who may be resting or sleeping without touching or disturbing them.

ARC Devices’s range combines simplicity with cutting edge innovation and with the company investing continually in product development to move towards devices for Connected Health thermometry monitoring, they will be pushing technology boundaries in this market.

VeraTemp+TM from ARC Devices is already used across NHS hospitals throughout the UK in the US. It is CE marked and FDA cleared.

The MedTempTM range is designed to meet the needs of Connected Health networks worldwide, offering WiFi technology for instant electronic updates to medical records. The first product in this range MedTemp1TM will be unveiled at the MEDICA 2014 conference in Dusseldorf, Germany on 12th-15th November.

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