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Non-invasive Urodynamics works - The Mediplus CT3000

Men categorised as having Bladder Outlet Obstruction by the CT3000 had an 87% chance of a good outcome from TURP ( p < 0.01). (European Urology, Volume 52, Issue 1, Pages 186-192) The UK success rate following TURP is reported to be 70%. This is typically based on symptoms and flowrate alone. (Neal DE, et al. Outcome of elective prostatectomy, BMJ 1989 September; 299(6702): 762-767.)

The CT3000 in a non-invasive patient accepted test that can predict the successful outcomes of TURP. A successful outcome is classified as a 50% reduction in the IPSS score.

By incorporating the CT3000 into the prostate assessment clinic, waiting lists can be reduced and significant amounts of capital can be saved from carrying out procedures that are unlikely to be successful. The CT3000 should be used as part of the diagnostic process and not used in isolation. Please visit for more information