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Non-compliances cost 10 billion Euros a year

Vitaphone Compliance Management System: Pico Dispenser wins red dot design award

Mannheim/Tilburg. High-tech medicine and functional design are no contradiction: the key item in the Vitaphone Compliance Management System, the Pico Dispenser, has been presented with one of the most coveted design awards in the world: The red dot design award in the category “medical devices and equipment”. In total over 11,000 employees from 69 countries took part in the different categories of the competition. The awards were presented before over 1200 guests during an awards ceremony at the Aalto-Theater in Essen.

Mr. Matthias Quinger, managing director of the internationally leading telemedicine provider Vitaphone GmbH, was thrilled with the award, “We are very proud of our Dutch colleagues who developed this innovative product. We have created a visually pleasing and at the same time highly functional product.”

The Pico Dispenser is the key item in the Vitaphone Compliance Management System. It allows for safe pharmacotherapy, which is important for multimorbid patients, who have to take ten and more drugs a day. Filled with blister packs, it prepares the necessary medication dose at the right time many times a day and reminds patients optically and acoustically that they have to take their medication. At the same time it monitors what is taken and thus, compliance.

The Pico is connected to the Telemedicine Service Center of Vitaphone GmbH by mobile telecommunications. Advantage: all the patient data incl. all the pharmacotherapy information is available around the clock in the electronic patient record. Every action of the Pico is automatically reported. If a patient repeatedly does not react to the reminder signal of the dispenser, he is reminded to take his medication by telephone. Relatives, the care service and the pharmacist are informed, if the patient cannot be reached. For local pharmacists there is a new growth market with the possibility of the second blister packaging with the Vitaphone Compliance Management System due to demographic development.

Matthias Quinger, “With the Vitaphone Compliance Management System we unburden relatives and carers in in-patient institutions and in out-patient care. At the same time, we promote patient compliance. In addition, we contribute to safe, efficient and cost-effective drug therapy and improve – even for patients with chronic illnesses – the quality of life.”

Background Compliance
About four million Germans are already over 80. By 2050 in the entire population there will be over 10 million of them according to the calculations of the Federal Agency for Statistics. The majority of them are multimorbid. Ten and more drugs must be taken by them at different times every day. So compliance is one of the challenges of demographic development - both in outpatient and inpatient care.

About a quarter of the drugs prescribed by doctors are not taken or not taken regularly. The costs of this non-compliance for the healthcare system according to an official estimation of the ABDA (Federal Association of German Pharmaceutical Organisations) are some 10 billion Euros a year.