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NoDec pressure redistribution mattresses developed by Rober Ltd

What is so special about Rober mattresses and Pressure Redistribution technology?

NoDec redistribution mattresses set the benchmark for innovative technology, it has been specially developed for the medical care of patients who are at risk from or already have a pressure ulcer.

Standard pressure redistribution mattresses typically operate a 10 minute alternating cycle. During this time, every second air cell is slowly ventilated, but not completely emptied. This method assists the mattress in supporting the patient’s weight.

Pressure Redistribution Mattresses

The NoDec pressure redistribution mattresses developed by Rober are standard alternating pressure mattresses designed for superior redistribution of pressure, caused by prolonged periods without movement.

The alternating cycle in the NoDec technology lasts 15 minutes and works using three air cells. In addition the cells are actively and quickly deflated- and re-inflated through a specially designed solenoid system.

The NoDec S, P and Bari mattresses offer the advanced NoDec technology for pressure redistribution.

NoDec Pressure redistribution mattresses fall into the two areas of either Replacement or Overlay, and are suitable for different grades of pressure sores