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Next Generation Modular Urodynamics System

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Nov. 6, 2013 – LABORIE, a leading Canadian manufacturer of diagnostic and treatment devices for pelvic floor dysfunction, returns to MEDICA, the world’s largest annual medical trade fair, November 20-23 in Düsseldorf, Germany where it will introduce its next generation modular (NGM) Aquarius urodynamics wireless platform.

“Thanks in part to our presence at MEDICA and at numerous other industry trade shows and conferences we attend around the world, we’ve seen a need for a lot of improvements in urodynamic testing over the years. But rather than try to improve our own product incrementally, we decided to take a fresh-sheet approach and design a brand-new, more adaptable platform,” says Mr. Ing Goping, LABORIE Chief Scientific Officer. “As a result, the modular concepts we have embodied in our new Aquarius platform and its family of products (XT/CT/LT) should be particularly suited to our mid- to high-end clients such as larger office, hospital, and university research institutions – centres that typically see a much higher volume of patients than our smaller office clients.”

Specifically, Mr. Goping goes on to explain, with the new Aquarius wireless (Bluetooth) technology, users will be able to study bladder outlet obstruction issues and incontinence in more efficient ways.

“Aquarius enables them to do provocative testing with fewer cables and other physical impediments that constrain their patients when using traditional technologies,” says Mr. Goping. “Users in large centres will enjoy many of our Goby urodynamics system advantages. But with the new Aquarius’s enhanced video image integration options, they will have all the benefits of a comprehensive diagnostic suite”.

Mr. Goping also points to another benefit of the new Aquarius being modular: with additional sensor and input options, researchers can use the Aquarius platform to explore new scientific studies without compromising the system’s daily clinical needs.

LABORIE has kept many of the best design elements of previous Aquarius iterations; but has added new ergonomic elements to the latest NGM Aquarius version, based on market feedback and extensive time and motion studies conducted in real world settings.

Initially presented at both North American and European scientific national conferences, LABORIE officials report that both loyal and first-time users have received the new Aquarius and its innovative modularity extremely well.

“Innovation, whether to improve clients’ efficacy or to address their ever-burdening cost-containment issues, will always be a primary focus for us,” says CSO Goping. “LABORIE constantly improves and enhances all its system offerings and the new Aquarius is no exception.”


LABORIE is a leading multinational developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative medical equipment and catheters in urology and gynecology for the diagnosis and treatment of incontinence, bladder outlet obstruction, and other pelvic floor dysfunction.

For more information regarding LABORIE’s complete line of products and partnership, please come see us at MEDICA 2013 in Hall 16, Booth G42.

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Derek Sham

GM – Capital Equipment