Newton Clinics for spine treatment – looking for new partners in Europe

Newton Clinic

During the last year, the number of Protec FMT installations around the world has been nearly doubled. One of the success stories is the opening of Newton Clinics for spine treatment. Each Newton Clinic is based on 2-4 Protec FMT, 1-2 spine specialists, and 1-3 assistants.

Today we have a total of seven clinics, and our goal is to open another ten clinics within the next ten months. To accomplish this goal, we are currently looking for new partners in Europe.

60% of the population in Europe regularly suffers from back pain. This means that fast and effective spine treatment is in high demand. With Protec FMT, there is no need for the patients to remove any clothing. The treatment time for each spine patient is approximately twelve minutes.

The philosophy behind Newton Clinic is to run the clinics as drop-in clinics with a maximum waiting time of 25 minutes. If the patients have to wait for more than 25 minutes, they only pay half the price.