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01/23/2019: Dynamics in static sitting


Topic of the Month: Digital look inside the human eye; Interview: Dynamic sitting; News: Early Prediction of Alzheimer’s Progression in Blood; News: New blood vessel system discovered in bones; News: Discovery of bacterial signature of intestinal disease; News: Molecular profiling could catch lung cancer
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01/16/2019: More feeling for hand-prostheses


Topic of the Month: DiaDigital; News: 3D printed implant promotes nerve cell growth; News: WSU smart home tests first elder care robot; News: Bionic reconstruction after amputation of a hand; News: AI makes life easier for hearing aid users
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01/09/2019: "TelePark" - the Parkinson project


Topic of the Month: Smart technologies for Diabetes ; Interview: "TelePark"- project for patients with Parkinson`s ; News: How herpesviruses shape the immune system; News: Digital health to support precision cancer medicine in iCAN; News: Microneedles technique for quicker diagnoses of major illnesses; News: Wireless pacemaker for the brain
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01/02/2019: Digital diabetes therapy


Topic of the Month: Blood glucose monitoring of tomorrow - modern diabetes therapies; Interview: Collect, process, communicate – retina measurements with Mimo; News: Sensors to detect and measure cancer's ability to spread; News: Machine learning may predict a healthy old age; News: Novel imaging technique brings diagnostic potential into operating room
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