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12/20/2017: Illuminated pajama for the mobile therapy of jaundice


Interview: Illuminated pajamas treat jaundice in mommy's arms; Topic of the Month: Innovation Office: accreditation and certification consulting services for startups; News: Research points to second chance for rejected antibiotic candidate; News: Nanoparticles as a Solution against Antibiotic Resistance?
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12/13/2017: Intensive care medicine: Saving lives with knowledge from aviation


Interview: Intensive care medicine; Topic of the Month: When is a medical device considered to be a medical device?; Video: jumpBALL; News: Xenon gas treatment studied at Turku University Hospital progresses into drug development; News: Novel transcriptomic signature of type 2 diabetic islets identified; News: 3-D mammography costs less than digital mammography
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12/06/2017: Safety and quality in medical technology


Topic of the Month: Safe technology – A lot of work behind a successful medical product; News: Fighting myocardial infarction with nanoparticle tandems ; News: Harmful effects of being overweight underestimated; News: Researchers find link between excessive screen time and suicide risk; News: An anti-aging protein could be targeted to rejuvenate immune cells
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11/29/2017: Medical technology against human trafficking


Topic of the Month: MEDICA 2017: all about laboratory medicine at the MEDICA LABMED FORUM; Interview: Using ultrasound for verification: proof of legal age via handheld scanner; News: Researchers discover specific tumor environment that triggers cells to metastasize; News: Study opens new avenue in quest to develop TB vaccine; Tiny robots step closer to treating hard-to-reach parts of the body
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11/22/2017: That was MEDICA 2017


MEDICA and COMPAMED 2017: Final press report; Video: Health-i Award: The best ideas for the health of tomorrow; Photo gallery: Everything at a glance: latest imaging methods for precise diagnostics; Video: Digital medicine – eHealth and mHealth at MEDICA 2017; Photo gallery: New contacts, impressions and ideas - Exhibitor voices 2017
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11/14/2017: What's the news? Up to date at MEDICA 2017


HEALTH IT FORUM with Minister Pinkwart; Photo Gallery: mHealth, Apps und Wearables; Video: Serious Games; Video: MEDICA START-UP PARK; Interview: Cybersecurity; Video: Research and diagnostics
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11/08/2017: Acute kidney injury: Early detection thanks to biomarker


Topic of the Month: New Additions to MEDICA 2017 – MEDICA LABMED FORUM, MEDICA START-UP PARK, and MEDICA ACADEMY; Video: A look at the medicine of tomorrow – At MEDICA Preview in Hamburg; News: Bacterial fats, not dietary ones, may deserve the blame for heart disease; News: Sulfur respiration in mammals; News: PhysioTools shows New Search functionality at Medica
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11/02/2017: Discover new experiences at MEDICA 2017


Topic of the Month: MEDICA 2017: New events for every interest; Video: Optical coherence tomography - Looking into the vessel with light; News: Noninvasive brain imaging shows readiness of trainees to perform operations; News: Gallbladder cancer: Pharmacist finds protein that drives tumour growth; News: Better nutrition can change programming for child disease risk
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10/25/2017: New treatment options with 3D microscopy


Interview: Pathology; Topic of the Month: mHealth; Video: Point-of-care testing in the hospital; News: Care homes could overtake hospitals as most common place to die, new research finds; News: Mantis shrimp-inspired camera enables glimpse into hidden world
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10/18/2017: The changing landscape of health care


Topic of the Month: AST@home: A rapid respiratory test for COPD using the smartphone; Video: The changing landscape of health care; News: Restless legs syndrome study identifies 13 new genetic risk variants; News: The countdown is running: four weeks to MEDICA!
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