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News and product launches from PhysioTools Ltd

We have been busy publishing new content over the course of the last couple of months:

Tape Yourself by John Langendoen and Karin Sertel. This module provides clear instructions on how your clients can safely apply elastic tape for, e.g. pain and muscle release at home.

Deep Fascia Exercises by Hilkka Virtapohja. Contains exercises for the deep myofascial line that help improve posture and support safe movement patterns.

Vestibular and Balance Exercises by Kenda Fuller. Designed for professionals who prescribe exercises with the aim of managing dizziness and balance or vestibular disorders.

New languages

General Exercises 2nd Edition is now available in Turkish and will soon be available in Indonesian. More modules are currently being translated into Turkish and other languages – when each new translation becomes available, our website is updated.

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