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Newly Developed App Measures ECG and Blood Pressure

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Nuremberg/Stuttgart/Düsseldorf, 18 October 2011 – At this year’s MEDICA, the international trade fair for medical technology Nash Technologies, the network specialist with headquarters in Nuremberg and Stuttgart, is presenting an innovative Smartphone application (App) which measures a patient’s vital functions and then sends information to an emulated heath portal. From there, medical services can be orchestrated in real time. The key difference between this App and conventional Apps is its extremely high or “carrier-grade” reliability which is critical for transmitting vital data and information. This represents a significant development for physicians who need to be in touch with their patients’ vital signs 24 hours a day, without having to be at their side. For patients, the innovation implies that they can remain in their home environment longer.

Nash Technologies’ “mHealth Demonstrator” comprises a number of different components, including sensors which measure vital functions such as ECG and blood pressure, specially developed by Nash’s partner company Corsience and enhanced with a functional interface. The data is then, via Bluetooth, forwarded to a concentrator App on the Smartphone. From the Smartphone, the health data is sent to the Nash Protocol Tester (NPT) via mobile network cell in real time. The NPT is inherently a highly flexible test suite which, for the demonstrator, can easily be equipped as an emulator for a future health portal. WLAN, UMTS and EDGE are the supporting technologies. The project is part of the Medical Valley project and is sponsored by the National Ministry of Education and Research.

New App undergoes rigorous testing

To safeguard the new application against potential failure, Nash Technologies put the data transmission process through highly rigorous and meticulous testing. For the demonstrator, the test device even emulates the yet to be developed medical network. The specialists from Nuremberg are well known for their expertise in working with this type of testing scenario. In fact, they also operate the largest mobile communication testing facilities worldwide. “This type of mobile service needs to be just as robust as those we know from fixed-line telephony, where you can count on a connection not being interrupted, which unfortunately still is not the case with mobile surfing”, comments Bernd Stahl from Nash Technologies.

Additionally, for data transmission, Nash Technologies coupled, i.e. combined and optimized Internet protocols with mobile communication protocols. Although they originated in the Internet world, Smartphones communicate in the world of mobile telephony. Both of these highly complex worlds “collide” in the case of data transmission via Smartphone. And this of course requires enhancement and optimization of the overall system. “Even when a mobile phone is just being carried around, it does a lot more than one would think. To achieve these hidden activities, an optimized interplay of all systems is absolutely necessary for the use of energy and mobile communication bandwidth. Moreover, the App should only transmit data packages when necessary”, explains Stahl, referring to Nash Technologies’ resource-saving development approach. And finally, medical applications need to be robust network-wide and they have to be able to react to fluctuating connection quality.

Nash Technologies at the MEDICA Trade Fair, 16-19 November 2011, Hall 03/E92:,fair,medcom2011/lang,1/oid,28457/exh_id,3262/~/Web-ExhDatasheet/exh_datasheet

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