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Sensitron, Inc.

New venture to target European market of 2.4 million hospital beds

MEDICA 2005—(November 18, 2005)--Sensitron, Inc., a market leader in wireless healthcare innovations, announced today that it has awarded exclusive distribution rights to Sensitron Europe Limited. Sensitron Europe’s exclusive distribution rights for Sensitron Inc.’s careTrends™ wireless monitoring solution encompasses 17 European countries, namely France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Greece, Cyprus and Greenland.
Sensitron's careTrends™ solution enables vital signs monitors to transmit patients’ clinical data wirelessly, via secure encryption, to a server-based electronic patient record of choice. Being device-and system-neutral, Sensitron's patented system is compatible with virtually all monitors and electronic patient records , including legacy systems., With Sensitron's careTrends™ system, potential errors in data transcription are reduced, and all data is date-and time-stamped—which creates an effective audit trail. The system directly links point-of-care medical devices with clinical information systems, allowing caregivers to have immediate access to patient information, whilst allowing medical staff to maintain a higher standard of clinical care.
The careTrends system addresses key issues facing healthcare providers today including:
• providing real time updating of patient information
• having immediate access to patient information
• reducing paperwork
• increasing nurse efficiency
• reducing labour costs
• reducing medical errors caused by transcription errors and paper recording
• receiving immediate notification of results outside parameters as set by caregivers
• allowing caregivers to focus more time on patient care by reducing administrative burdens

“Sensitron is very optimistic about this new channel partner. This partnership continues Sensitron’s strategy of forming new alliances to further address and penetrate the international marketplace, following the successful formation of Sensitron (UK) PLC and Sensitron Asia Pacific Pte., remarked Rajiv Jaluria, CEO of Sensitron, Inc.

“Sensitron’s wireless healthcare system is leading the way in creating standards for the healthcare industry. It is a revolutionary technology that will impact the global market,” said Garry Stephen, CEO of Sensitron Europe Limited.


Garry Stephen, Sensitron Europe Limited +44 (0) 7768 810 019
Samir Jaluria, Sensitron Inc, +49 (0) 176 656 85867
Alternatively visit Sensitron at Medica 2005, Düsseldorf, in Hall 14 Stand D60 (USA CEO)

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Sensitron, Inc., based in San Mateo, Calif., is a wireless healthcare innovations company that has developed the careTrends™ Wireless Bridge system. The patented breakthrough system minimizes transcription errors and eliminates lag time between the reading, capture, documentation and dissemination of clinical data. This is accomplished by communicating vital signs and other data from wirelessly-enabled, legacy point-of-care medical devices at the bedside. Sensitron was founded in 1997, is a privately-held company and is expanding internationally via channel partners.