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New therapy laser improves success rate for chronic wounds and blood circulation disorders

Medical technology can no longer be imagined without lasers. But in general this means so-called hard lasers, which are used in surgery or cosmetics for removal of hair and tattoos. Increasing significance has been acquired by so-called therapy lasers. In case of low-level laser therapy (LLLT), the tissue is not damaged or destroyed, but rather stimulated through invisible infrared laser light (IR). This biostimulation of laser treatment has an effect on the local immune defence, on the flow in blood and lymph vessels, metabolism in cells and on the excretion of various substances (e.g. endorphins and prostaglandins, which also influence pain conditions). Important effect mechanisms of laser therapy include an increase in collagen fibres and promotion of capillarisation. These factors are particularly important in the area of wound healing. The tensile strength in wound areas can also clearly be increased through laser therapy.
The new Hidrex MPL500 therapy laser is optimised by an innovative laser shower for treatment of poorly healing wounds or tissues, and is easy to operate. The laser shower combines invisible gallium arsenide laser lights (shortened GaAs) at 904nm and red laser lighting at 670nm. The super-pulsed, invisible laser light works like a flashbulb and facilitates high penetration depths of 5cm in the tissue, using pulse widths of only 200ns and peak outputs of 50W. On the other hand the non-pulsed visible laser makes a very effective impact directly in the upper tissue layers of the skin.