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New sleep apnea diagnostic device promises greater air and road safety

TORONTO, November 12, 2015 – Airline pilots and truck drivers experience sleepiness and fatigue, as we all do. But for them, being too tired on the job can be truly catastrophic. So, what if there is a way to identify – before they fly or drive –the major causes of their sleepiness and fatigue, such as sleep apnea?

Next week at MEDICA, the world’s largest annual medical trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany (Nov. 16-19), over 140,000 expected visitors can see just how unique BresoDx ™ is. BresoDx ™ is a lightweight, cordless, sleep apnea diagnostic device that can be worn as a headset while sleeping at home. It is a cost-effective solution to on-the-job fatigue induced by sleep apnea, which is a serious problem for transportation safety world-wide.

In the United States, for example, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) studies reveal how fatigue contributes to 15-20% of all aviation accidents. A sleep disorder was involved in 294 such accidents, and in 32 of the fatal accidents studied, sleep apnea had been diagnosed among crew members.

“We are coming to MEDICA again this year to continue our exploration of partnerships and joint research with major transportation organizations world-wide who have a strong interest in eliminating those kinds of sleep apnea-related accidents,” says Dr. Geoff Fernie, CEO of BresoTec Inc. “We know generally that less than 10% of people with sleep apnea are ever diagnosed with it. And that’s partly because traditional testing for the disorder is very inconvenient for the individual being tested; they have to spend a night in a sleep lab and undergo what’s known as polysomnography (PSG) testing. These PSG tests are very costly, and impose a financial burden on the health care system.

“By contrast, with our easy-to-use BresoDx device, all patients have to do is slip it over their head then go to sleep in the comfort of their own bed. Thanks to a chip built into the nose of BresoDx that constantly records breathing patterns during sleep, BresoDx is as accurate as polysomnography for diagnosing sleep apnea but without the inconvenience and discomfort of having to spend a night in a PSG sleep lab all hooked up to wires while being constantly monitored by a technician.”

In short, BresoDx makes testing for sleep apnea among those who fly or drive vehicles for a living, both convenient and cost-effective. Not only does this testing point to the best treatment, it also benefits both the transportation industry and the health care system by lowering accident rates and costs.

Among industries that might benefit most from universal testing for sleep apnea by BresoTec, the first to step up to the plate was the Canadian trucking industry.

Trucking in Canada is a $65-billion industry employing over a quarter of a million drivers. They transport 90% of all consumer goods and almost two-thirds of cross-border trade with the United States. Truck drivers experiencing sleep apnea will likely be sleepy and fatigued during the day, increasing their risk of colliding and causing other accidents, jeopardizing their own lives and others sharing the road.

BresoTec and the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute, where BresoDx was developed, will shortly be conducting, in partnership with Canadian trucking and insurance industries, Canada’s first large-scale sleep apnea testing of its drivers.

“We know there’s a strong relationship in the general population between sleep apnea and road accidents,” observes Dr. Fernie, who also heads up research at Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. “In Switzerland, for example, patients with severe sleep apnea were found to have an accident rate more than 13 times higher than a sleep apnea-free control group. Because of the known relationship between sleep apnea and road accidents, the study’s ultimate aim is to protect truck drivers’ health and safety by providing them rapid access to sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment.”

Aware of such a dangerous connection, reports Dr. Fernie, the United States is planning regulations that could well require all American truck drivers to be tested for sleep apnea and if they have it, to be treated in order to be allowed to continue driving for a living. Consequently, the demand for easily administered, accurate, low-cost sleep apnea testing devices is likely to rise sharply.

About BresoTec Inc:

BresoTec Inc. (the “Company”) develops, manufactures and sells products for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. The Company’s first product, BresoDx, is a revolutionary device for the diagnosis of sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea affects 10% of the adult population globally. Although easily treatable, less than 10% of North Americans and fewer elsewhere with this condition have been diagnosed. Untreated sleep apnea poses substantial healthcare risks related to multiple breathing pauses during sleep that cause frequent awakenings that disrupt sleep and lead to daytime sleepiness that increases the risk of motor vehicle accidents. Sleep apnea also exposes the cardiovascular system to frequent episodes of oxygen deprivation, which increases the risk of developing hypertension, stroke and heart failure. Sleep apnea’s low diagnosis rate is mainly the result of the high cost and inconvenience of undergoing complex polysomnography (PSG) overnight testing in a sleep laboratory. BresoDx is a home sleep test (HST) device designed for accurate sleep apnea diagnosis. Its cost-effectiveness will enable it to largely replace traditional PSG testing for sleep apnea.

Its cordless and easy-to-use design, accuracy, reliability, and cost-effectiveness make BresoDx superior.

BresoDx was conceived and developed at the Toronto Rehabilitation Institute. The technology underlying BresoDx and future intellectual property improvements have been exclusively licensed in perpetuity from the University Health Network. The technology has strong intellectual property protection in all major markets (Canada, the US, Europe, Australia, India and China).

The accuracy of BresoDx has been thoroughly tested and validated in several clinical trials and the results have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

BresoDx received regulatory approval from Health Canada in December 2014. By the end of 2015, the company expects to receive the CE Mark for commercialization in the EU. Approval by the Food & Drug Administration (“FDA”) in the US is expected in 2016. Other global regulatory submissions will be pursued based on market potential.

BresoDx is likely to be commercialized first in Canada and selected EU markets, during 2016, followed by launches in other global markets according to their potential.

In the meantime, to learn more about BresoDx, please visit us during MEDICA 2015 at the Ontario/Canada Pavilion, Hall 16, Booth G50.

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