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New: seca analytics 105 - medical PC software for diagnostic assistance

The analysis of measurements based on numerous comparison tables is a thing of the past! Today all it takes is the press of a key and the selection of a seca 360° wireless product to analyze and interpret the wirelessly transmitted height and weight measurements. seca analytics 105 contributes to early recognition of diseases, supports therapy decisions and provides easily understood graphics for doctors' consultations with patients.

With the network-compatible software seca analytics 105, available with three or six workstation licenses, the doctor can prepare the data received from seca devices and thereby improve the quality of the medical examination. Three integrated modules, "Energy", "Cardiometabolic Risk" and "Growth/Development" are available to help.
In the modules the medical queries regarding the health and nutritional condition of the patient are answered, data are compared to statistical norms and, if desired, displayed in a therapy planner. The entire analysis, including practice or hospital logo, can then be printed on a single configurable DIN A4 sheet on a conventional printer. This type of diagnostic support opens up a completely new dimension in patient consultation and gives medical practices or hospitals a real competitive advantage.

"Energy" Module
The assessment of resting metabolic rate and total energy consumption is gaining in importance as the number of patients suffering from malnutrition, overweight or obesity increases. This is where the "Energy" module comes into play. It can calculate resting metabolic rate and total energy consumption on the basis of date of birth, weight, height and Physical Activity Level (PAL). At the same time this module can calculate the recommended energy requirements and thus function as a therapy planner for a target weight or BMI to be defined by the doctor. Or it works to protect patients in hospital from malnutrition.

"Cardiometabolic Risk" Module
The "Cardiometabolic Risk" module determines whether metabolic syndrome is present and estimates the risk of coronary heart disease. Metabolic syndrome is an established indicator of both the metabolic and cardiovascular risks, which are assessments of the patient's metabolism and vascular system. Metabolic syndrome is said to exist when several risk factors such as a high waist circumference, elevated blood sugar, altered blood lipids and high blood pressure occur together. It is possible to indirectly determine the amount of "visceral" or abdominal fatty tissue by measuring the waist circumference. Additionally, the BMI, the primary indicator of cardiometabolic risk, is compared to statistical norms. Risk scores are used to determine the percentage risk of coronary heart disease. To that end, defined risk factors for cardiovascular disorders are analyzed on the basis of a point system.

"Growth/Development" Module
Growth trends and weight changes can be monitored with the "Growth/Development" module. It helps with early recognition of growth disorders in children – height, weight and BMI expressed in percentile for each age group – and aids in the diagnosis of obesity in all age groups.

seca analytics 105 can also be specially customized to satisfy the needs of medical practice or hospital. All the doctor has to do is add two additional modules to the three already installed. The configuration lets the doctor use four of all available parameters per module.