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New: seca 285/284 - wireless measuring station for height and weight

The golden rule of industrial design – "form follows function" – applies completely to the new wireless measuring station seca 285/284. Every detail is aimed at the fast and accurate measurement of height and weight in a single step and trouble-free integration in the seca 360° wireless network. The range of uses for the weighing and measuring station is broad – from pediatrics and cardiology to nephrology.

The heel positioner and the solid headpiece with the integrated Frankfurt Line make sure that the head is in the right position for exact height measurements from 30 to 220 cm. The scale features a stable glass platform and a high weight capacity of 300 kg. The Class III approved seca 285 weighs up to 150 kg with a 50 g graduation, thereafter the weight calculation is in 100 g steps. The graduation of the non-approved seca 284 is 50 g. So even slight changes in weight can be detected immediately.

The seca 285/284 has two displays. One display is for direct read-out of height from the headpiece. The other is a three-line multi-function touch display with white backlighting that makes the display of height, weight and the automatically calculated BMI visible under all lighting conditions. It takes just the touch of a key to transmit the measurements to a seca 360° wireless printer or a PC with the software seca analytics 105, which analyzes and formats the data. When the user enters gender, age and PAL (Physical Activity Level) via the Input key on the multi-function touch display, the scale calculates the resting metabolic rate and total energy consumption and prints out the results on the seca 360° wireless printer. The seca 285/284 can also calculate percentiles for children and compare its findings to statistical norms.