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QualityLabs Biomaterial Testing GmbH

New screening method for testing the antimicrobial properties of materials at QualityLabs

QualityLabs BT GmbH once again demonstrates its competence in the testing of antimicrobial materials with the introduction of QualiScreen. QualiScreen is an ideal method for R&D groups working in the areas of medical technology, biocides, paints/lacquers and textiles. Data on the antimicrobial effect of relevant additives and coatings can be obtained quickly with QualiScreen. Effective immediately, this innovative screening tool provides reliable information on the efficacy of antimicrobial substances and the concentration required for the specified effect. The method functions with the same quality as the accredited test method Numetrika and follows a protocol based on the latter method. Each sample is tested with 4 replicates on a micro plate (a comparison: for the Japanese Industrial Standard – JIS – testing with only triplicates is normally offered). At the end of the testing, the client is informed whether the material is ‘antimicrobial’ or ‘not antimicrobial’. Since test specimens are always compared to untreated material, a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 20 samples can be tested per plate. QualityLabs offers its clients reasonable graduated prices. In the most economical case (this corresponds to a full plate with 20 samples), the current price per sample is under EUR 100.-! Please note: For marketing approval of medical devices in Europe, the Numetrika test should still be used since all European notified bodies unproblematically accept the data obtained from this ISO/IEC 17025 accredited method. QualiScreen is however very well suited as an economical test alternative in early product development stages. We are convinced that with the introduction of this new test product, we can now serve our clients even more flexibly and individually and help them to quickly generate reliable data during the development phase and through this, significantly shorten the time to market.