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Ultra for Medical Products Co. ULTRAMED

New range of products by ULTRAMED

We have manufactured new range of products such as Pediatric Nasal Oxygen cannula, Reinforced Endotracheal Tube, Yankuer suction unit, Nebulizer Face Mask, Examination Gloves, Urine bag with T-connector, Urine bag with Leg support, Emoty Bag.

In addition to our old range of products: Cannula, IV set, Surgical Face Mask, Nelaton catheter, Foley latex & Silicon, Pediatric Urine Bag, Suction catheter, 3 way stop cock, Hemosuc, Mucus Extractor, Feeding catheter, Extension Tube, Nasal Oxygen Cannula, Cord Clamp, Blood Set, Surgical Gloves, Flow Regulator, Endotracheal Tube, Urine Bag, Guedal Airway, Burette Set.