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Savience Limited

New range of Savience touchscreens

To meet the increasing demand for self-service systems in healthcare, Savience, the clinic management specialist, is introducing a new range of touchscreen terminals. The new units are quicker and easier to install and will fit into almost any sized space or location as part of a Savience clinic management solution..

Already leading the field in check-in touchscreens, Savience’s products are reliable, robust, tamperproof, hygienic, and meet accessibility guidelines. They also ensure privacy and consume very little energy.

The new range of terminals sees the addition of wall-mountable and desktop screens to the existing standalone models. The wall-mountable screens are highly suited in relatively exposed locations while the desktop versions can be moved quickly and easily to new locations to capture patient feedback, for example.

Roger Everitt managing director of Savience explains: “Touchscreen design is critical to the success of self-service check-in systems and an integral part of our clinic management system. Touchscreens need to be accessible and attractive to everyone and meet very precise specifications. We take great care in design and in field-testing to ensure that they will work in any type of clinic environment. Our new range is designed to fit into even the smallest of spaces.”

Savience continues to set new standards for touchscreen design in healthcare settings. First launched in 200?, its terminals are reliable, vandal-proof and tamper-proof so that they will always work and not make unnecessary or unexpected demands on staff time.

They are accessible and attractive to the whole population including the large proportion of hospital patients who are likely to be disabled or elderly. Surveys have shown a very high usage rate of Savience touchscreens by older people, visually-impaired people and wheelchair users.

Power consumption of units is very low, thereby saving energy and giving units very high reliability rates.

To prevent cross-infection, Savience touchscreens are sealed units that are therefore washable and waterproof. An antibacterial coating is applied on installation and can be reapplied as necessary.

All terminals can be customised with customers’ branding and logos and give a highly professional look to waiting rooms and receptions.

About Savience

Savience Limited is a UK-based software development company specialising in cost-effective, clinic management systems for the health sector.

Founded in 2001, Savience has built its expertise through touchscreen receptions for hundreds of GP surgeries and dentists throughout the UK. Its clinic management systems for hospitals are now being adopted throughout many UK National Health Service (NHS) hospitals.

Based in Towcester in the UK’s East Midlands, Savience has partners in mainland Europe and the Middle East. With in-house software developers and a touch screen manufacturing plant on its doorstep, Savience can react quickly to clients’ specialised needs.

Relationships with CSC and iSOFT, top IT suppliers to the NHS, ensure that Savience keeps well ahead of the competition and provides systems that integrate easily into existing IT infrastructures.

Savience has also developed technology solutions for a variety of applications outside of the healthcare sector. Automated check-in can bring significant efficiency improvements to busy government departments, health clubs or dental practices for example.