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New radiography system: Individually controllable and suitable for children

Child-Friendly Radiography system Aristos FX Plus

Siemens Medical Solutions launched recently Axiom Aristos FX Plus, the new radiography system with integrated flat detector (FD) technology. Whether generating exposures of the head, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, extremities or working in the trauma room, the new radiography system easily meets a wide range of examinations. It is the user’s choice to automatically control positions via default programs or to change them directly at the system. The system can also be individually operated via wireless remote control. The fears of small patients are alleviated by the child-oriented decals on the system.

New features of the new Axiom Aristos FX Plus provide doctors with many benefits. The user controls all system movements via wireless remote control, allowing him to effortlessly control collimator settings, patient table movements as well as X-ray tube and detector positions. Moreover, the remote control is equipped with a safety feature that produces an audible warning if it is more than 15 metres away from the system – ensuring safe return of the device. Another user-friendly feature is the new detector housing for easy grid management – simply remove the grid at the press of buttons when not required while providing radiation dose savings to patients.

Integrated FD technology omits manual activities such as loading and transporting cassettes as well as developing film. The 27 work steps for film systems have been reduced to a total of four steps only with Axiom Aristos FX. The system’s superb image quality, a prerequisite for diagnostic and therapeutic safety and faster treatment success, is ensured through 3k² detector resolution with nine million active pixels documenting the finest image details. After their exposure, the images are instantly displayed for evaluation and post-processing on the monitor, steps that are facilitated by the 19“ large flat display. Image quality is further improved with the Diamond View option which reduces noise and increases both detail contrast and sharpness. As compared to conventional film-screen systems, the innovative FD technology also reduces the radiation dose for patients by more than 50 percent. For example, when examining children, additional special filters reduce the dose by as much as 75 percent. At the same time, the patient profits from shorter wait times and quicker treatments.

Aristos FX Plus offers a dedicated orthopedic imaging program that simplifies long spine and long leg applications. Easy to set-up with an automated acquisition process, the system generates a sequence of up to four images of the spine or legs. Subsequently, with background transfers of the individual images to a syngo workplace, the images are automatically composed into an overall image for diagnoses

Aristos FX Plus is also available in a new design with a pediatric theme for centers aiming to create a child-friendly environment.

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