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New product - pH-Fix 0-14 PT in convenient Snap-Cap-Tubes

New product - pH-Fix 0-14 PT in convenient Snap-Cap-Tubes
During manufacture the pH-indicator reacts with the cellulose fiber to form a stable chemical bond. The dye is fixed to the test pad and bleeding is effectively prevented. This protects the sample against contamination and makes measurements even in weakly buffered or strongly alkaline solutions easy.
pH-Fix test strips have the longest available handle. It effectively protects the user from contact with aggressive or hazardous solutions. This makes the test strips particularly safe.
pH-Fix 0-14 has four different indicator pads to cover the complete pH-range. The color chart exactly matches both color and position of the pads on the strips. This enables highly precise pH-determination and makes the application rapid and reliable.

a) Dip the test strip with all test fields into the test solution.
If the test solution is weakly buffered, leave test strip in solution until the color of the test pads no longer changes.
b) Shake off excess liquid.
c) Compare with the color chart

Method: pH Test strip
Range: 0-14
Gradation: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14
Sufficient for: 100 Tests
REF: 921 11

Characteristics and benefits:
-The snap cap of the tube can be opened and closed just with the thumb of the holding hand.
This makes pH-Fix 0-14 PT easy.
-Due to the long design of the plastic tube the strips do not stick out. This effectively prevents blockades of the cap due to jammed strips.
The tube can easily be closed with the thumb.
This makes pH-Fix 0-14 PT convenient.
-Geometry and material of the tube have been specially selected for maximal stability.
The tube is virtually unbreakable.
This makes pH-Fix 0-14 PT safe.