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BOB Technika Swiatlowodowa

New painless & of 98% effective method in the treatment of hemorrhoids

BOB Fiber Optic Technique - manufacturer of medical video devices i.e. video anoscopes & rectoscopes allowing for the implementation of groundbreaking methods of treating anus diseases. BOB TS produces equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the anus, patented by our company.


The newest item is the modern construction videoanoscope and videorectoscope sets of which allows for a quick and painless cure hemorrhoids through precise injection 3% aethoxysklerol (polidocanol, laureth-9), consisting of a ccd camera, lcd monitor, recording device, head and angular connector of our construction allowing the introduction of surgery tools or needle for injection through the separate channel without interrupting the operating field observation on the screen.

Superb treatment for hemorrhoidal diseases, based on eye-controlled administering to a precision of 3% aethosclerol application exactly to the point of lesion inside the anus.

The method can be applied only under visual control - you can not perform injection "blind" after removing the camera and introducing the syringe.
The risk of perforation is too high.
Thanks to manufactured by us videoanoscope and videorectoscopes sets, doctor during surgery has the detailed image of the surgical field on a medical monitor.
Each movement of any kind of tip or tool is under the eye-control and treatment of risky becomes safe.

Our kits allows the physician to record the entire surgery. We also provide a computer program to patients registering and medical analysis of record (frame by frame). That is the solution, which allows you to move the hemorrhoids treatment from hospitals to private practices.

We can tell, that in Poland there was a small revolution based on ours medical equipment: the surgical treatment of hemorrhoids could be successfully replaced with Aethosclerol 3%.
It works.
The whole treatment instead of few days in hospital is reduced to 20 minutes spent in MD cabinet around the corner.
Simple, safe and painless.