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Reactifs RAL

New methanol-free fluorescent staining kit for TB detection

The first step in the diagnosis of a mycobacteria infection is the microscopic fluorescent detection of Acid Fast Bacilli (AFB).
The RAL reformulated Auramine staining combines sensitivity and rapidity.
The fluorescence provides a very high contrast and allows a 4 times quicker slide reading as well as a noticeable visual fatigue reduction.
The RAL Auramine quality allows AFB to keep their staining notwithstanding bleaching and counter-staining.
Reactifs RAL innovates and commits itself to a very conscious move towards reducing hazardous chemical compounds from its new coming formulas. It is all done here with kit Fluo-RAL that is absolutely methanol free.

This new staining is available in kit form as well as single bottles for manual and automatic methods.

For more details, please visit our stand at MEDICA Booth 3B14 and ask for Kit Fluo-RAL referenced 359000-0000.