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New linear actuator for a compact and elegant design


Imagine how easy it will be to optimize product design with the LA44 IC actuator with integrated Intelligent Control.

LINAK’s LA44 IC is a compact solution easy to design into e.g. a treatment and examination couch or dialysis chair because the actuator has integrated control, thus eliminating a conventional control box.

The LA44 IC offers a range of advantages during production, service and use:
• LA44 IC is a low weight and compact system due to no control box and it gives very easy mounting during the production.
• High speed and low noise.
• Low energy consumption with standby power below 0.8 W due to LINAK switch mode power supply SMPS-19.
• Service data tool with read out of service data for easy trouble shooting during service visits.
• High lifting force up to 12,000 N makes heavy lifting safe and easy.

The new actuator has 3 plugs for either a basic or advanced system solution adapted to your needs. The basic system includes the LA44 IC, a switch mode power supply and a hand control or a footswitch.
The advanced system solution includes the LA44 IC, a switch mode power supply, a second actuator for e.g. backrest and the possibility of connecting a hand control and several OpenBus accessories via a junction box.

The LINAK LA44 IC is based on the intelligent OpenBus platform which makes it easy to upgrade from a basic version to an advanced system by adding OpenBus accessories according to your needs. These accessories include e.g. USB power supply, service data tool and a wireless hand control just to mention a few extra features which can be added to the application.

The switch mode power supply is a high power solution – 270 W - and it transforms mains from 240 V AC to 24 V DC. The switch mode power supply has a Euro plug, which makes the system available for most European countries.

A LINAK switch mode power supply which is compatible world-wide, will be ready mid-2012.

Connect to a new world of opportunities with LINAK LA44 IC today.