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New integrated operating room for CHR Huy (BE)

Operating room

Renovating the infrastructure of a hospital: it requires a structured approach. The quality of the medical care needs to be secured. And of course, the environment needs to enhance an efficient workflow. Previously, CHR Huy tackled the radiology department and the emergency unit. Now, the operating rooms have been reconstructed in a beautiful new-build.
The operating rooms that were in use before 2014, dated from the seventies. The rise of new technologies pushed the CHR Huy to construct a new building using state-of-the-art technology.

For image management, they went from a video based routing system to a system that makes use of the network. Dr. Victor Fonze, medical director of the hospital, says: ‘With the commissioning of the new infrastructure, combined with the image management platform NUCLeUS™, CHR Huy has jumped from the 20th into the 21st century.’
‘The expectations of the new infrastructure are mainly a higher efficiency of the operating rooms.’ Dr. Fonze continues. ‘The previous infrastructure had six rooms. Beginning 2014, we will have one addition surgical suite, that will be used for outpatient surgery.’
The other six ORs have extended features. Recording of medical images, send to PACS and broadcasting to any place within the hospital.
According to the decision makers, the most important added value of the digital operating room is the increased information that can be added into the medical patient record. The combination of the medical file, the anesthetics and the laparoscope contribute to the quality of surgery. ‘Finally, we chose NUCLeUS™ because it increases ergonomics using the easiest user interface on the market.’ Dr. Victor Fonze says.
In the end, the goal is to be able to access medical information easier.
An integrated operating room should go beyond the transport of video within the room.
Also, by extending the accessibility of these images, data become a valuable asset for scientific research. The hospital in Huy is convinced that their choice for NUCLeUS™ will contribute to their general quality of care.