New from Propper: Helix Type PCD -- MEDICA Trade Fair


Propper Manufacturing Co., Inc.

New from Propper: Helix Type PCD

Propper is excited to introduce our new process challenge device: Onix Helix PCD. Onix is designed for use as a hollow load process challenge test in saturated steam cycles and is available in two configurations:

1) 269169 for large chamber sterilizers in 121C (gravity), 132C - 4 min, 134C - 3.5 min. 135C - 3 min and 134C - 18 min. cycles

2) 269109 for small table top sterilizers in cycles between 126C to 137C

The Onix helix device is constructed of a material that guarantees consistent performance between cycles, especially during heavy use unlike many devices currently on the market.