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VitalGo Systems Ltd.

New Vitalgo 425 T


VitalGo releases all new model of "Total Lift Bed" 

We’ve given the TLB a whole new look and many great new features!
The new Total Lift Bed 425T remains true to its roots but with improved design and features. We realize clinicians have many choices for mobility once a patient can exit the bed but before that and for the other 23 hours a day the TLB is sometimes the only option. The TLB 425T’s new improvements will allow more of patients to benefit from tilting and weight bearing.

Trendelenburg: Allows clinicians to use the TLB on more patients.

Independent Footboard Control: Gives the clinician much more control over patient positioning.

New Software: Allows the bed to go to CPR position from any position (including tilt). Head section now goes down first in all positions. There is a new maintenance override feature that allows the bed to be lowered incase of failure.

Siderails: New full side rails with no center gap, gas shock lowering, seamless design, more ergonomic hand holds.

Casters: New double caster design, Central locking, and directional lock for straight line steering.

Headboard: New seamless design with more ergonomic hand holds for transport and is easier to remove for CPR.

New Hand Control: User friendly, independently adjust footboard, automatic chair function.

New Accessories: New IV Pole and Trapeze bar designs.