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New Version of E120 – Compact System for Private Practice

Following up with success, Emed Electrosurgery is proud to present new -redeveloped and redesigned version of its ES 120 unit. The market premiere of the latest Emed Electrosurgery product will take place on 19th of November 2008 during Medica Trade Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.

ES120 is electrosurgical generator dedicated for multiple applications in a private practice. Now, new on the market, the ES-120 offers separate control panel for operation in the monopolar cut and coagulation, and bipolar coagulation mode. The generator operates in the following modes: pure cutting, cutting with haemostasis, soft coagulation, forced coagulation and bipolar coagulation. The unit is also equipped with smart footswitch recognition.

To top of that, new version of ES120 is a compact and portable unit easy to fit in any procedure room. It offers easy-to–follow applications and smart design. New version of ES-120 will be on market from 1st of March 2009.

“The ES120 has been on the market for 7 years now on. Since its first introduction, we have carefully observed how the needs and wants of medical professionals are changing towards using electrosurgery more widely especially in the area of small surgical procedures such as in gynecology or dermatology. Not to mentioned another fast growing part of the market - cosmetology. New version of ES120 addresses these growing demands” –says Aneta Gadomska, Product Manager in Emed Electrosurgery.

“The market premiere of ES120 was not accidental. Trade fair dedicated to medical equipment in Düsseldorf is the biggest event in our calendar. What is more important, our distributor will be there – so will we” – add Ms Gadomska.

ES120 is a part of ES-series of diathermies from Emed Electrosurgery - manufacturer specializes in delivering diathermy units in the highest standard. Emed Electrosurgery offers the whole range of electrosurgical devices, from small devices for use in outpatient settings to comprehensive electrosurgical systems.

“The general idea of developing any Emed Electrosurgery units is to fit specific requirements of different medical procedures so any operation will be efficient and less stressful for all of the parties involved. Our participation in it, is to deliver units produced with the use of modern technologies that ensure safety and high quality” – comments Rafał Mazurek, the co-owner of Emed Electrosurgery.

The production process is certified by the Quality Management System Certificates EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 13485:2003. All Emed Electrosurgery diathermy units now comply with EU standards proved as CE stamp.

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