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Deltalab S.L.U.

New Urine Container for Vacuum Tubes

Experience, innovation and quality come together once more to provide health and safety solutions in the process of sample collection, transport and in vitro analysis in clinical laboratories. Deltalab has launched a new urine container of 120 ml for vacuum tubes.

There are several advantages over traditional containers in 3 main areas: security, hygiene and easy handling. As it is a closed system, not only prevents contamination of the sample, but also protects the user and the work environment from eventual splashes. It also prevents leakage and consequent loss of sample (which sometimes forces a second sample collection), facilitates the process to the user (either the technician or the patient), and sanitizes the process, allowing a clean transfer of the urine test from the container directly to the vacuum tube.

The urine set is classified as CE IVD (In Vitro Diagnostics) and it is designed to use with vacuum collection tubes. It consists of a transparent container made of polypropylene and yellow leakproof cap, made of polyethylene, with an internal obturating ring. The main innovation is on the cap that includes a cannula with a needle inside. Operation is simple: When the needle pierces the tube, the sample is collected by vacuum into the tube, which is ready for analysis.

The container features a wide marking area for sample identification. Urine container is presented sterile and not sterile version and supplied in bulk or individually wrapped.