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New Type "Infusion system"

Vertebroplasty Needle

Hyun Medics Flow Regulator (PCA / Dosimeter) : HMP-P01 / HMP-D250

Hyun Medics Flow Regulator is a single-use disposable flow regulator which allows highly accurate control of flow rate. It is a very low cost alternative to the highly expensive infusion pump systems. The Flow Regulator operating principal is the "flow regulation using the length of micro tube reiteration". The Hyun Medics patented technology ensures a very accurate flow rate and high stability in the whole drug delivery session.
Moreover, Hyun Medics Flow Regulator supports the adjustable flow regulation function. The PCA flow regulator user can adjust the flow rate 0.5cc/hr ~ 5.0cc/hr.
The Dosimeter user can adjust the flow rate 5.0cc/hr ~ 250cc/hr.
Also, the Hyun Medics Flow regulator design is very peculiar, erogonomical and simple in size.