Tristel Solutions Ltd

New Tristel TRIO – the 3-in-1 instrument decontamination system for wards, clinics and healthcare practices

Tristel TRIO is a new presentation of Tristel’s proven sporicidal wipes system developed specifically to meet the lower-volume needs of hospital wards, clinics and healthcare practices.

Used extensively for the decontamination of non-lumened medical instruments, including nasendoscopes, ultrasound probes and cardiology systems, Tristel wipes employ the company’s proprietary chlorine dioxide chemistry for effective high level disinfection.

New Tristel TRIO brings together individually packaged sporicidal wipes, activator foam, pre-clean wipes and rinse wipes in a compact and convenient 25-use pack, which can simply be placed on a bench or trolley. This 3-in-1 system can be used anywhere, without even the need for a water supply.

Full traceability is assured with the availability of a unique quality audit protocol and traceability labels on every sporicidal sachet for affixing to patient notes and record book. For more information and product samples contact Tel: +44 15638 721500 www.tristel.com