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F Care Systems

New Technology for Varicose Vein Treatment

F Care Systems NV, located in Aartselaar Belgium, brings a new technology for varicose vein treatment based on thermal destruction of small veins, whereby new catheters are used to treat veins between 1mm up to 4mm of thickness with the EVRF®.

The EVRF® stands for endo venous radio frequency and is a dedicated machine to treat all kind of varicose veins going from the very small ones of 0.3mm up to the larger ones of 4mm.

F Care Systems NV, manufacturer of the TC 3000 for treatment of small varicose veins now introduces a new technology for the treatment of varicose veins up to 4mm.
F Care Systems is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified company and as such accredited to manufacture medical products.

F Care Systems NV, together with several Belgian vascular surgeons developed a new catheter to introduce into a vein in order to coagulate it from the inside. These catheters have some unique characteristics like flexibility and a special rounded tip to make the treatment of varicose veins possible.

These patented catheters can be used only on the EVRF® radio frequency generator. The EVRF® is a slick designed machine that allows the doctor to treat these veins in the private cabinet or in the clinic.

The EVRF® can be set at different frequencies and pulses so that veins with different diameters can be treated.

The EVRF® settings can be adapted with the touch screen which is easy to use. The touch screen is a cap sense sensitive screen which reacts to the touch of your finger. So no pointing devices are necessary to change the settings.

Contrary to sclero therapy, this system does not leave any chemical substances in the body so that no unwanted effects or reactions are created.

The specially designed hand piece allows you to easily introduce the catheter into the vein. First a needle is used to get into the vein, then the needle is retracted and only a flexible guidance catheter is left. The catheter is then slided through this guidance into the vein. This is an easy operation and can be quickly learned by any practitioner. When rolling with the thumb in forward direction the catheter slides out the needle into the vein, when turning back the catheter slides back into the holder. During this movement you invoke a RF signal by pushing the foot pedal every two to three mm, and the vein will coagulate and disappear.

This hand piece is sterile so for each patient a new hand piece with catheter is to be used. The hand piece is made out of light plastic and disposable. Thanks to new and special molding technology the hand piece including the catheter is very economically priced. The procedure compared to sclero therapy is about the same cost.

The patented catheter has a specially molded rounded tip which improves the gliding into the vein. The tip has been rounded so that even when the vein is not straight, the catheter will follow the curve of the veins


F Care Systems had the objective to develop a technology in order to benefit the actual patient and the doctors procedure. Thanks to this new way of treating varicose veins, the patient does not have to wear expensive supporting stockings. This is a big hurdle in the current method of varicose veins treatments whereby these treatments are limited to a few months per year.

The endo venous radio frequency procedure can be practiced all year round. Since no light is added to the skin, and since no active chemical components are left behind, the patient can expose himself to sunlight very quickly after the treatment.

Besides the advantage for the patient there is also a great advantage for the doctor. An easy 4-step treatment model is shown in the attached flyer.