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New Technologies from Siemens Help in the Early Detection of Breast Cancer

Siemens Medical Solutions, member of German Healthcare Export Group, has expanded its fully digital MammoReport Plus breast care workplace with the addition of new functions.

The use of CAD (Computer Aided Detection) supports the physician by drawing attention to structures in the image that may require further review. Together with Mammomat Novation full-field digital mammography system, Siemens provides a complete state-of-the-art solution to support early breast cancer detection.

MammoReport Plus is a dedicated breast care workplace used to digitally review and evaluate mammography images and then prepare diagnostic reports. The system is designed for optimized workflow and provides the physician with a number of different tools for obtaining safe and accurate diagnoses.

The user-specific keyboard can be customized, including one key touch for frequently used functions, and multiple magnifying glasses, structured roaming and a panning function enable the user to utilize full spatial resolution. Existing user benefits are enhanced, including ultra-fast image loading. Call up one case, compromising eight images, in less than a second (four previous images and four current images).

In addition, the physician is able to use images from other diagnostic modalities – for example magnetic resonance (MR) and ultrasound (US) – for optimal reporting (multi-modality viewing). MammoReport Plus is now Windows-based and optimally suited for the intuitive syngo software platform with its performance-oriented functionality for networking and post-processing.

To improve workflow, the system provides 2D tools, such as distance measurements, magnification, and post-processing. The report status can be automatically exchanged between up to three MammoReport Plus systems. MammoReport Plus is fully compliant with DICOM standard and IHE workflow. In addition, MammoReport Plus supports CAD from R2 Technology, Inc. and iCAD, Inc..

“I think the danger of missing the smallest tumors decreases considerably with digital mammography," sums up Dr. Detlev Uhlenbrock of St. Josefs Hospital in Dortmund, Germany. “The technical superiority of digital systems will soon show itself in their diagnostic superiority as well.” Until now, first studies have shown, for example, that full-field digital mammography provides greater diagnostic certainty in evaluating micro calcifications than analog systems. “What’s more, the new technology provides women with the advantage of reducing radiation exposure by twenty to thirty percent compared to analog systems.” The first twelve of these new breast care workplaces are already in use worldwide.

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