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New Sphinx jr. Holmium Laser

Sphinx jr. combines 25 years of holmium laser experience with the latest technology for Laser lithotripsy, PCNL, Strictures, Incisions, Bladder tumours, Condylomas and Tissue ablation. Exceptional pulse peak power allows high rates of stone disintegration and effective tissue ablation. The effective cooling system makes the Sphinx jr. a long-distance runner even at high ambient temperature, characterized by its extremely low noise. Settings of the laser are controlled via a capacitive touch screen. You can save individual treatment parameters for future use. The fibre port integrated into the control panel is easily accessible. All equipment surfaces can be cleaned with common disinfectants. The Sphinx jr. needs a standard power supply and is available with single or dual paddle footswitch, red or green pilot laser. The long-lasting reusable laser fibre reduces the cost per application. The durable and service friendly design minimizes the costs for maintenance and repair.