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New SonixTablet for Point-of-Care Ultrasound Guidance: Improve Safety

SonixTablet with SonixGPS

Ultrasonix is demonstrating the SonixTablet for point of care ultrasound guidance at the 2011 Medica conference in Dusseldorf, Germany. The system offers features and options designed to make interventional procedures safer.

The SonixGPS ultrasound guidance technology is now offered on the SonixTablet system. It helps clearly predict and see the needle’s trajectory during invasive procedures. Unlike other guidance technology, the SonixGPS enables clinicians to position the transducer in the ideal location for the target and to select a needle direction and angle that is safest and most comfortable for the patient. Whether in-plane or out-of-plane, it shows the predicted trajectory and true path of the needle in real time. Needle adjustments are reflected instantly on the ultrasound display.

Dr. David Parsons, an anesthesiologist practicing in Vancouver, British Columbia said he would use the SonixGPS to reduce potential complications with central line access and nerve blocks. “Even though 85% of central lines can be done relatively easily, I’m concerned about having major complications, such as placing a catheter in the artery. I believe this device, with needle tip location, is going to prevent that for me. Dr. Parsons explained. “I don’t see why I would spend extra time figuring out where the needle tip is when this device can tell me.”

The SonixTablet is a compact ultrasound system with a large 19” touch screen that can be mounted on a cart, from the ceiling or a wall to preserve floor space. Ideal for a sterile environment, the system can be operated with a sophisticated remote control that fits in a sterile bag.

The SonixTablet also offers a needle enhancement feature called SonixShine. It highlights the needle in-plane with the push of one button, without any adjustments.

The SonixTablet is available immediately. The SonixGPS option for SonixTablet is approved for sale in Europe and the United States but is pending regulatory approval in Canada. The SonixGPS option for SonixTouch is approved everywhere in the world. The SonixGPS Needle Solutions for Regional Anesthesia and Vascular Access are approved for use in Canada and pending approval in Europe and the United States. Since the SonixTablet is built on an upgradeable software platform, the SonixGPS option can be added to the system even after it has been delivered and in use.

About Ultrasonix:
Ultrasonix develops and manufactures diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems with customizable touch screens to simplify workflows. The company's systems are built on an open software platform that enables remote service and easy updates to keep current with advancements in imaging technology. Founded in 2000, Ultrasonix is a privately-held company headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada.