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New Soluscope ENT revolutionizes flexible endoscope reprocessing

MEDICA, Düsseldorf, November 14th, 2007 - Soluscope Group, the leading European manufacturer of endoscope reprocessors and their chemical products, launches the new Soluscope ENT for the international market. Soluscope ENT is the first endoscope reprocessor designed specifically for ENT (Ear Nose and Throat) procedures.
Find Soluscope Group at Stand F13 in Hall 12.

Fast reprocessing, reliable results
Soluscope ENT is a compact unit – only 36 cm wide – dedicated to the cleaning and disinfecting of ENT endoscopes. Soluscope ENT cuts down on filling times and chemistry consumption and is capable of completing a full cycle for a ready-to-use endoscope in less than 12 minutes.

Patient and operator safety
EN-ISO-15883 compliant, the Soluscope ENT ensures safety both for the patient as well as for the operator. For patients, an efficient traceability system includes patient/endoscope barcodes, automatic control of cycle data and ticket printout. The absence of contact with products and fumes makes the unit safe and comfortable to use for the operator. Each machine has built-in a complete water treatement process to provide bacteria free rinsing water. The water treatment is therefore no longer an issue nor a cost surprise. Also, Soluscope ENT runs daily a complete self-disinfection cycle.

ENT Endoscopes are reprocessed in single-use chemical products – the Soluscope C+ cleaner, with its enhanced efficiency on biofilm, and Soluscope PA, composed of peracetic acid and corrosion inhibitor. The low concentration of product used and a continuous leak-test function guarantees optimum protection of endoscopes.

Safety first: flexible endoscope reprocessors
Soluscope’s stated mission is to improve safety for patients and users, and to keep endoscope’s integrity. Its flexible endoscopes reprocessors – which will also be on show at MEDICA – effectively eliminate the risk of contamination for patients and users during digestive or bronchial procedures.
Soluscope is dedicated to the fight against nosocomial infections and the management of responsibility in healthcare facilities.

About Soluscope
Founded in 1994, Soluscope is the only European group focused entirely on endoscope reprocessing; Soluscope designs and develops reprocessors and the chemical products used to wash and disinfect endoscopes. Soluscope has delivered more than 1,500 reprocessors worldwide. Based in Marseille, Soluscope is the leading provider of endoscope reprocessors in France, Spain, Belgium, Australia and China.

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