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Bauerfeind AG

New SPINOVA® Back Orthoses


Flexible therapy for symptoms in the lumbar spine area
With Spinova, Bauerfeind is presenting the latest generation of back orthoses for conservative and postoperative therapy of symptoms in the lumbar spine area. They are used when it is necessary to correct posture or stabilize or relieve pressure on the lumbar spine by delordosing.
There are four orthoses to choose from depending on the therapeutic aim: Spinova Immo immobilizes the spine. The modular construction of the Spinova Immo Plus allows for carefully controlled therapy through the stabilization, mobilization and activity phases. Spinova Unload Plus, with its bridging frame, reduces lumbar lordosis, while the flexibility of the Spinova Support Plus, with its removable bridging pad, can be increased as the patient's recovery progresses.
Spinova is a logical further development of Bauerfeind's existing orthosis concept. The new functional elements, which can be adapted to different body shapes in a variety of ways, help to achieve greater wearing comfort, easier handling and improved medical effectiveness for patients.
The back setting device can be shaped to suit the indication, and stabilizes and corrects the spine from the sacral bone to the lower thoracic spine. A new strap system, combined with the back setting device, applies the compression required to straighten, stabilize or correct the spine. The Spinova strap system is height-adjustable.
The support for the stabilizing elements is breathable, elastic, anatomically contoured mesh material. It allows the skin to breathe, prevents any unpleasant build-up of heat and thus significantly improves wearing comfort for the patient. With increased patient compliance, the new Spinova back orthoses can optimize recovery times and ensure that patients persevere with their treatment.

Zeulenroda-Triebes, Jun 21, 2013