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New ReaScan Strep A Test

REASCAN™ Strep A is an immunochromatographic rapid test for detection of Streptococcus pyogenes (Group A Streptococcus, GAS) from throat swab samples or beta-haemolytic colonies from culture. The test detects streptococcal Lancefield group A antigen, and it is interpreted by REASCAN™ reader, which gives numerical value respective to the antigen amount in the sample. Before using REASCAN™ Strep A test and REASCAN™ reader, it is extremely important to read the instructions for use carefully. The test is for professional use only.

REASCAN™ Strep A is a two-phased method. At first, the Lancefield group A antigen is extracted from the GAS in the sample. Then, the antigen is mixed with a gold-labelled antibody conjugate that binds to the group A antigen. The sample-conjugate mixture is transferred into the test cassette in which it flows across the membrane until captured by the GAS antigen-specific antibody on the test line. The reflection intensity of the red test line is converted into numerical value with REASCAN™ reader. The reading shown in the display is proportional to the amount of the antigen in the sample. The final result is achieved by comparing the reading to the cut off values announced in the result labels. The interpretation of the test result is objective with the REASCAN™ reader, which minimises human-borne errors.