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New Range of Recombinant Fab Monoclonal Antibodies


BBI Solutions, a world leader in immunoassay development and contract manufacturing, recently launched its unique range of Recombinant Fab Monoclonal Antibodies at the American Association for Clinical Chemistry’s (AACC) Annual Meeting and Clinical Lab Expo, on July 28-August 31, 2013, in Houston, Texas.

Developed and screened using Phage Display and Luminex technologies, each Recombinant Fab Monoclonal Antibody pair is selected from 1 billion antibody clones for affinity and sensitivity characteristics. The antibodies are now available to purchase from BBI Solutions. Dr James Steggles explains the benefits of using BBI Solutions’ range of Recombinant Fab Antibodies.

1. How do BBI Solutions’ Recombinant Fab Monoclonal Antibodies improve assay tests?
Antibodies are usually the key to a good disease diagnosis assay and the most important aspect of them is performance. It can take a lot of R&D time and spend to evaluate an antibody only to find it doesn’t quite meet your performance criteria.
Our antibody pairings are selected from 1 billion clones and their performance has been evaluated with specific clinical conditions in mind. For example, our anti-Calcitonin antibodies have been shown to detect Calcitonin at a dynamic range of 6 to 2000 picograms per mL, which is ideal for specific clinical conditions. The antibodies have extremely good affinity (picomolar) and sensitivity characteristics.

2. How do they improve batch to batch consistency and scale-up?
The antibodies are produced in E. coli meaning production is much simpler than for antibodies developed using hybridoma cell culture. With hybridomas, after several weeks of production the cell culture can become infected or the antibody lost from the cell line. With our antibodies this is not an issue as the cell culture step is overnight. Furthermore, due to the inherent advantages of E. coli, lead times are extremely short and scale-up is straightforward, even for extremely large quantities.

3. How are they different to ordinary antibodies?
These antibodies are mouse monoclonal antibodies but only the all-important Fab fragment is present. Therefore the antibodies contain the antigen binding region but do not contain the Fc region, which is often associated with non-specific binding. We have also included genetically engineered elements in our antibodies to ensure conjugation and purification are straightforward. In case you would like more information contact our technical team at We also have technical information and protocols available on our website.

4. What data do you provide for the Antibodies?
We provide a dynamic range of detection for each antibody pair in ng/mL. However, in many cases (e.g. CRP) the antibodies are significantly more sensitive than the dynamic range indicates.

5. How were they made?
They were made using a proprietary phage display technology. Antibodies which passed the initial screening affinity cut-off (<1 nanomolar) were tested for matched pairing using Luminex technology (up to 9000 matched pair combinations). Candidate pairs were then tested for dynamic range and performance on clinical samples and the best pair selected.

6. What biomarkers are you covering?
There are 32 biomarkers covered at the moment including CRP, Cystatin C, Calcitonin, Giardia lamblia, E. histolytica, ST2, S100 Beta and MPO. More are in-development. Please contact us at to express your interest.

Having just shown at the AACC Conference to discuss the development of new products, BBI Solutions scientists will be attending and exhibiting at the MEDICA Tradeshow 2013 in Dusseldorf on the 20-23rd November.

To book an appointment with BBI Solutions at MEDICA to discuss their new range of Recombinant Fab Monoclonal Antibodies, please visit the Medica 2013 page on the BBI Solutions site.
Alternatively, please visit us at Hall1, Booth F24 to further discuss.