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Thought Technology Ltd.

New Psychophysiological 360 Biofeedback Suite to be launched at 2018 Medica trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany


Leading Biofeedback Manufacturer set to launch  it's New 360 Suite at the 2018 Medica Trade Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany. The 360 suite is a complete package of physiological monitoring and self-regulation tools designed for health care professionals who want to incorporate psychophysiological methods into their practice.


1) Biofeedback Starter System
Stress Control Suite or 360 Suite
Our starter biofeedback systems are ideal for clinicians who want to begin exploring physiological biofeedback without overwhelming their budget. ProComp 2 is a medical grade system which provides you with out-of-the-box
functionality and the possibility of expanding your system when you are ready to go beyond the basics.

2) Biofeedback Intermediate System
360 Suite
Expand your biofeedback practice with this versatile five channel multimodality system, for classical physiological biofeedback. ProComp 5 comes with skin conductance, temperature, respiration, heart rate and muscle tension sensors and all the software tools you need to widen your physiological monitoring and biofeedback capabilities.

3) Biofeedback Expert System
360 Suite
Get the broadest physiological perspective of your client’s stress and relaxation responses with our most complete physiological monitoring and multimedia biofeedback system. ProComp Infiniti gives you the ability to do classic biofeedback with up to 8 channels of physiology, including skin conductance, peripheral temperature, heart rate variability, respiration rate and muscle
tension. The ability to include 1 or 2 channels of neurofeedback and passive infrared (pIR) monitoring of frontal lobe activation makes this package the most versatile of all.

Thought Technology Ltd. is the world leader in biofeedback and psycho-physiological instrument manufacturing. Founded in 1974, and headquartered in Montreal, Canada, the company has a solid network of over 150 distributors and dealers in 50 countries. Thought Technology has sold more than half a million instruments worldwide. To learn about “Technology for Better Health” and the ProComp Infiniti product line as well as related workshops. For more information or for ordering visit:

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