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New Protein Multiplex Assay Technologies

Toronto, Ontario, Aug. 15, 2012 – Canadian first-time exhibitor Axela Inc. will introduce ground-breaking multiplex biomarker analysis tools at MEDICA, the world's largest annual medical trade fair, Nov. 14-17 in Düsseldorf, Germany. Specifically designed to simplify the transition from clinical discovery to diagnostic implementation, Axela's novel approach to biomarker analysis provides researchers with highly flexible, user-defined, multiplex panels for real-time or end-point measurements.

“Our new products directly address the need in translational research to convert biomarker discoveries into robust diagnostic tests,” says Naomi Wessel, Manager Sales Support and Tactical Marketing of Axela Inc. “Delivering on the promise of personalized medicine requires the ease of use and robustness delivered by Axela's products, enabling deployment of a new generation of multi-marker panels with higher sensitivity and specificity. The success of this approach is evidenced by the breadth of Axela's first content examples including Oncology (breast cancer prognosis), Immune Status (strongyloides) and Specialty Testing (traumatic brain injury) among others.”

Axela's new panelPlus™ reagents are designed to work with multiple platforms, allowing the user to choose the technology best suited to their specific testing requirements. With the company's rapid conjugation kits, researchers can easily address the proteins of their choice for automated creation of customized multiplex panels. This greatly simplifies the validation of new biomarker panels and accelerates the transition from research assay to robust routine analysis. To fully exploit the new panelPlus technology's capabilities, Axela is offering both real time immunoassay and rapid flow-through microarray platforms.

Microarray systems utilizing proprietary porous Flow-Thru Chip® technology greatly accelerate protein binding steps in microarray analysis. These instruments, including the current Ziplex® System, fully automate sample processing, imaging, data analysis, and report generation thus enabling highly reproducible, routine biomarker assays. These features, along with mid-range (up to 150) multiplex capability, provide researchers with an ideal platform for validation and implementation of signatures derived from global discovery platforms. In addition, this automated Flow-thru Chip system offers the flexibility of running both protein and gene expression assays in the same convenient format.

Diffractive optics uniquely allow monitoring of protein interactions in real time, including binding and dissociation events, during an immunoassay. This detection approach is particularly well suited for low multiplex, rapid biomarker assays directly in crude biological samples where additional information is useful. For example, the combination of titer and avidity measurements in the same assay is ideal for immune status and serology research applications. This real-time information greatly speeds assay development and the results can be directly deployed from the diffractive optics (dot ®) platform or carried through for use on Axela's flow-through microarray platform.

About Axela Inc.
Axela's automated platforms for multiplexed nucleic acid and protein analysis are designed for rapid biomarker testing in clinical research and diagnostics. The company's approach significantly improves the amount and quality of information when compared to traditional assays and provides access to unique categories of markers that form a pipeline of diagnostic offerings. Toronto-based Axela develops research products for sale through life science distributors, and partners with diagnostic companies for clinical tests.

Please note that our current products are for research use only.

At MEDICA 2012, Axela Inc. will be exhibiting in booth H14, Hall 3 as part of the Ontario, Canada pavilion and welcomes researchers, the media, and all other visitors

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