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IngMar Medical, Inc.

New Products for Ventilator Testing and Training

IngMar Medical is proud to introduce two new products at the 2007 MEDICA.

Triggering is a critical component of mechanical ventilation management. The QuickTrigger™ (QT) Option for the QuickLung® provides an easy, cost-effective means to create patient respiratory efforts for ventilator triggering for training and testing. With the QuickLung/QT combo, you can demonstrate spontaneous efforts, true negative triggers, as well as a variable low inflection point.

For the biomed or clinical instructor, wherever a ventilator is demonstrated or checked, the QuickLung/QT will make the task easier and more effective.

The new Parabolic Resistor Ring provides 7 switch-selectable respiratory resistance orifices (Rp5-Rp500) for ventilator testing. The orifices are imbedded in the ring: eliminating the need to disconnect tubing to change resistances and insuring that all seven resistors are at your fingertips at all times. Calibration certificate may be ordered as an option for standards (ASTM, ISO) testing.

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